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COVID-19 Road Trips

COVID-19: My survival guide for road trips

November 6, 2020

I don’t know about you, but travel has felt like a necessity more than ever this year. The quarantine life and the wildfires (at least on the West coast) has made an escape all the more appealing. Luckily, my husband and l have been able to take a handful of road trips this year. Of course, it’s been a bit of a hassle to deal with pandemic safety precautions, but we are both true germaphobes, so it helps!

I’m sure you all know the drill — wear your mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distance. Sometimes it gets overbearing, though, with the number of times you have to repeat the process, especially when traveling. Here I’ll share some of the safety routines I’ve developed during my road trips. I’m by no means a health expert, but hopefully I can shed some light on things you haven’t considered before, and provide some helpful tips.