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Colombian Expressions: No Dar Papaya
Colombia Spanish

Let’s Speak Spanish: Colombian Expressions

July 26, 2018

If you’re traveling to Colombia, you may be wondering, What’s Spanish in Colombia like?

Colombian Spanish is not too different from the Spanish in other parts of Latin America or even Spain. However, the country has a rich diversity of dialects, ranging from the costeño dialect near the northern Caribbean coast, the paisa dialect in Antioquia (Medellín), to the rolo dialect around Bogotá. I personally was surprised to learn that certain parts of Colombia speak Spanish similar to what you’d hear in Argentina, with the use of vos and the distinct pronunciation of words with the double “l.” Pro tip: “Medellín” is pronounced with a “j” sound, like “Mede-gene“!

While Colombia has no standard dialect, you’ll probably hear the same set of expressions throughout the country. Some of these expressions truly reflect the hospitality of the Colombian people.